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Tiff Splitter Pro splits multi-page invoices the way you need
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24 June 2013

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This is a tool for splitting of multi-page TIFF images.

Tiff Splitter Pro is a program to split TIFF files in many possible ways. Most often such TIFF image split programs just split along pages. With this tool you could specify splitting along many different conditions. For example, a set of purchase order could be split by purchase order number. These numbers typically appear at the same place in a layout for a particular company. This tool will be able to detect such keys and split the image along pages that contain the number at the specified position. This obviously takes some intelligence on the part of the program. The program needs to be able to detect the key from the image, of course. You need to specify the key line and the program automatically scans your TIFF files. When it finds the line, it extracts the data into a separate TIFF file.

It is thus able to split invoice along any number, address, end of invoice symbols; PO documents by order number, PO number; reports by date, titles, headers, etc. The images extracted out of the TIFF could be saved as JPEG images. You could set up a batch of files for processing at a time. Tiff Splitter Pro can rotate images clockwise or counter-clockwise as needed. There are many situations when one needs to split one large multi-page document image along some criteria. This tool can be useful in such cases. You could try it out in your exact work flow to make sure it fits your needs well. This is a good and handy tool.

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Tiff Splitter Pro splits multi-page invoices or any other documents the way you need. You can split TIFF files by date, invoice number, address or any other symbol. Just enter the text that should start a new file. Tiff Splitter Pro will search the document and create a new file every time it finds the text you set. It seems so simple but there is a complicated technology behind it. While most TIFF slitting utilities just split TIFF files by pages, Tiff Splitter Pro extracts the exact info you need. This smart program will save you hours of manual work and hundreds of dollars. We don't offer one middle-of-the-road solution. Contact us and tell your requirements. We will tailor Tiff Splitter Pro to your needs.
Tiff Splitter Pro
Tiff Splitter Pro
Version 1.2
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